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Journal Papers
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A. Shirzad, H. Arfaei, "Modular invariant partition functions and method of shift vector" August 1993
A. Shirzad, "Gauge symmetry in Lagrangian formulation and Schwinger models" March 1998
A. Shirzad, N. Sadeghnezhad, "Lagrangian and Hamiltonian constraint structure coefficients" September 1998
A. Faraji, A. Shirzad, "Gauge Transformation as reduction of BRST transformation"(in farsi) March 1999
A. Shirzad, M. Shabani Moghadam, "Explicit form of the gauge transformation generator in terms of constraints" November 1999
M. M. Sheikh-Jabbari, A. Shirzad, "Boundary conditions as Dirac constraints" February 2001
A. Shirzad, M. Mojiri, "Constraint structure in modified Faddeev-Jackiw method" December 2001
A. Shirzad, F. Loran, "Gauge fixing in the chain-by-chain method" December 2002
F. Loran, A. Shirzad, "Classification of constraints using the chain-by-chain method" February 2002
M. Monemzadeh, A. Shirzad, "Finite Order BFFT Method" December 2003
A. Shirzad, M. Monemzadeh, "The BFT method with chain structure" March 2004
A. Shirzad, M. Mojiri, "The difficulty of symplectic analysis with second class systems" December 2004
M. Monemzadeh, A. Shirzad, "BFT Method for Mixed Constrained Systems and Chern-Simons Theory" August 2005
M. Dehghani, A. Shirzad, "The reduced phase space of an open string in the background B-field" October 2006
A. Shirzad, "Full and partial gauge fixing" August 2007
M. Sadegh, A. Shirzad, "Constraint structure of the three dimensional massive gravity" April 2011
A. Shirzad, A. Bakhshi, Y. Koohsarian, "Symplectic Quantization of Massive Bosonic string in background B-field" April 2012

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تحت نظارت وف ایرانی